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Beginner's Shuttle Tatting!

posted Apr 7, 2016, 6:51 PM by Charlottesville Fiber Arts

Come join us for our exciting May workshop!

Saturday, May 14th, 2016; 10am-4pm

at Our Lady of Peace Retirement Community, 751 Hillsdale Drive, Charlottesville 22901

$15 for Members; $40 for Non-members (Children must be 12 years old or older.)

Participants provide their own lunch and beverage.

Pictures and recording are allowed.


Tatting is a handcrafting technique used to make simple yet beautiful lace.  Tatted lace is used to embellish garments, collars, jewelry, holiday ornaments, home decorations, bridal presents and more!

This is a shuttle tatting beginners class, each student will learn the basic stitches in the technique, foundation for larger projects: single and double knots, picots, joins, tatted rings and chains. At the end of the class each student will be able to create a beautiful tatted motif that can be used alone or as a foundation for larger projects.


Supplies each participant needs to bring:

1 or 2 Tatting Shuttles

2 Balls in contrasting colors of

Red Heart Fashion Crochet Thread Size 3 or

DMC Petra Crochet Cotton Thread Size 5.


Sewing Needle

Crochet Hook Size 5

Needle Threader

1 4x5-inch Index Card




Please download and/or print the following booklet and bring to class:

DMC Library Tatting (Available for free download at:



Email cvillefiberarts@gmail.com for additional information and to register to attend!