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Dues Policy

1.  Dues in the amount of $25 are to be paid to the guild treasurer
each December.

2.  For renewing members,  if annual dues are not paid by the
conclusion of the March guild meeting (second Saturday in March)
then the amount due will be $30 for participation in any subsequent
meetings/ workshops throughout the remainder of the year (through the
following December).

3.  If there is a new, first time member joining the guild from July-
December, then the total due for the current year membership will be
$12.50.  In December of that year, the full $25 will be due for the
following years dues.

4.  Dues for full-time students (all ages) will be $12 for the year.

5.  Guests may attend one meeting, save for paid workshops, for free; return visits will require membership.